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10,000 not out

January 25, 2007

Last week I hit 10,000 hits on Antoine Clarke’s Election Watch.

It’s a milestone. And I’m happy about it. I once set up a newspaper with a circulation of less than 100, so a trickle of readers does not bother me.

I realize that the key to better visibility is more writing, more often. It took from 13 July 2004 to 17 January 2007 to hit the 10k mark (visitor #6,969). We shall see how long it takes to hit 25k.

Bird flu study and tips

January 25, 2007

Over on Outbreak H5N1 I write: 

The Public Library of Science has a study of the way in which avian influenza could spread globally, in the event that the limited human-to-human transmission becomes a pandemic.

Here are my conclusions and tips on what to do, for now:

That said, the important data from this study:
1) a vaccine is likely to take eight months to prepare from the moment the virus transmits rapidly from human-to-human;
2) strategies involving the deployment in early-affected regions or countries (if international co-operation doesn’t break down, which would neither be surprising nor entirely blameworthy) of antivirals like Tamiflu (oseltamivir), should slow down the spread of the virus by up to a year.

On an individual basis, locate a secure supply of antivirals now. You can expect public health authorities to use whatever powers they have to grab private supplies if a pandemic is announced. Keep an eye on this link, the World Health Organization’s pandemic alert bulletin. If it rises from 3 to 4, I shall buy an antiviral injection within the week.

Until then, I am keeping an eye out for new treatments and the spread of H5N1, but not worrying about it. Other than a few precautions if traveling to countries that are currently affected by bird flu, there is no cause for alarm at this time.

Politicians adverts target bloggers and blog readers

January 13, 2007

Two U.S. presidential candidates for 2008 have started advertising on blogs.

One of them, John Edwards, was the 2004 Democratic Party Vice-Presidential candidate. He is using a video broadcast hosted on YouTube to launch his campaign for his Party’s presidential nomination. The other, Mitt Romney, is a medium chance to be the Republican Party’s candidate for President. His adverts point blog readers to

It’s worth noting that the ads are both cheaper than television and will be better targeted.

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