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Junk mail to space

February 29, 2008

The most awesome junk email

Suze Orman MUST be wrong?

February 17, 2008

Suze Orman is not enforcing her intellectual property rights the Gestapo way by treating all her potential customers as criminals.

What does the author of The Courage to Be Rich and The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom (*) know about money? The clowns, who claim that a nine year old kid who downloads a pop song is “costing” the price of a retail CD to a recording company, might do well to ask that.

Let’s see. She gives away over a million copies of her new book Women & Money. That must be a loss of $14,970,000 in sales at the discounted Amazon price! Well, no it isn’t.

Despite being available for a period as a free download, Women & Money was ranked number six on Amazon’s bestseller list when NBC talked about. When I checked just now (18:36 GMT) the book was UP to number two on the Amazon ranking.

I recently vowed to never buy a music CD, DVD, or download until the industry stopped treating me like a perp and more like a customer. I think I shall buy a copy of the Women & Money. Now that really is $14.95 in sales. I hope it makes a good gift.

(*) I have both these books and have used the latter when looking at specific money issues. I shall be reading both this year and reviewing them in due course. First impression is very good.

First weekend of Six Nations Tournament

February 3, 2008

At least two of the games were affected by refereeing mistakes. In particular, England benefited from a six forward with more than one (I think three) players offside, which led to a drop goal to move to 9-3. Then there was the Paul Sackey throw-in to himself that clearly did not travel five metres, which was followed by and England try for 16-3. In addition in a rare first half attack by Wales, a superb bit of defending by Tom Sheridan to rip the ball out of the Welsh attacker’s hands inside the England 22 was fortunate, because the England player knocked-on. So a defensive clearance by England to the half-way line, should instead have been given as a scrum about 15 metres out to Wales.

16-6 down at half-time for Wales, when England should have had only 6 points and Wales denied a possible scoring chance too.

The fact that the luck of the officials’ errors was going almost entirely England’s way for the first 20 minutes caused me to stop watching until the very end, when, to be fair, I saw an inexplicable refereeing error favor Wales, when they were now winning.

The point is that if mistakes happen and consistently favour the team that is on top, this will tend to destroy the sporting spectacle.

The match between Scotland and France today was very enjoyable for me, but tinged with the recognition that France’s first try should not have been awarded. (more…)