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Liveblogging New Hampshire over on the Election Watch

January 8, 2008

See my election blog for more news as it comes from the Northeastern Granite State. For now, Dixville Notch gave NO VOTES to Hillary Clinton. Along with Hart’s Location, the overall score on the Democratic side at this time is Obama 16, Clinton and Edwards tied on 3, Richardson 1. For the Republicans, Ron Paul is third with 4 (yes more than Clinton!) ahead of Romney 3, Giuliani 1 and Thompson 0. McCain 10 and Huckabee 5 complete the picture.


Shambles for Republicans

January 5, 2008

I’ve posted my analysis of the Iowa caucus on the Election Watch. In brief, the Republican organization appears to have been found inferior to that of the Democrats, despite the fact that the latter had to handle over 100,000 more people wanting to vote, and a more complicated voting system.

If this is a sign of the Republicans’ grassroots organization in a battleground state, the year has started badly for them.

I also think Barak Obama looks like a credible opponent to the Hillary Clinton steamroller. Watch out for a surge in in the Illinois Senator’s rating.

Liveblogging Iowa

January 4, 2008

Over at the Election Watch, I’m covering the Iowa caucus.


May 11, 2007

I’m speaking at the Putney Debates tonight on the recent election of Nicolas Sarkozy in France. Details from the Libertarian Alliance. I hope to post comments on my other blog.

Cross posted from Antoine Clarke’s Election Watch.

10,000 not out

January 25, 2007

Last week I hit 10,000 hits on Antoine Clarke’s Election Watch.

It’s a milestone. And I’m happy about it. I once set up a newspaper with a circulation of less than 100, so a trickle of readers does not bother me.

I realize that the key to better visibility is more writing, more often. It took from 13 July 2004 to 17 January 2007 to hit the 10k mark (visitor #6,969). We shall see how long it takes to hit 25k.