Propaganda from UK’s CO2 reduction organisation

It should come as no surprise that what is supposedly a request for public responses to the Carbon Trust’s plans to destroy all business in the UK, is in fact a fraudulent propaganda stunt.

However, thanks to Guido Fawkes, I’m hopeful this will blow up in the bureaucrats’ faces. In his “Seen elsewhere” feature, Guido points to the survey, which has resulted in some interesting results.

Under the misleading title: CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: What does it mean to you? we get the following six questions:

Question 1 of 6

Which of the following apply to you?

Owner of a business
Senior manager of a business

Question 2 of 6

If one group should bear the brunt of efforts to cut the UK’s carbon emissions, who should it be?


N.B. The question is loaded in several ways: 1) there is no option to either say “both government and consumers” for example, which is dubious, there should at least be the chance to indicate more than one; 2) where is the “none of the above” or “I don’t want UK carbon emissions reduced” option?

This is not a survey of people’s opinions, but a propaganda excerise designed to “prove” public support for a government programme. Sounds familiar?

Question 3 of 6

Are you aware of rules being introduced in April to cap emissions amongst businesses generating more than 6,000MWh/yr of electricity?

Vaguely aware

All right, let’s be fair. This is a good question, and by putting in “vaguely aware” there is a way of measuring intensity. What was wrong with using a “How aware are you” scale? That would seem more methodologically sound.

Question 4 of 6

What is the best way for the government to drive down carbon emissions amongst businesses?

Tax incentives
Better practical advice

Where do we start with this disgraceful bit of distortion? Are we invited to offer the option of disagreeing with all of the above (e.g. not having the government drive down carbon emissions, wither because voluntary organisations will campaign for it, or because it isn’t necessary)? No.

Are we invited to give another alternative that, maybe, the bureaucrats hadn’t thought of? Such as “having a Telethon,” or “jailing carbon emitters,” or “naming and shaming”? No.

This question is a disgrace to opinion polling.

Question 5 of 6

Which of the following best applies to your organisation’s environmental strategy?

Primarily motivated by moral obligation
Primarily motivated by government legislation
Primarily motivated by financial gain

I get the feeling this one was packed in to make up the numbers. However, what about someone who wants to tell the truth which is either: “we don’t really have one” or “primarily motivated by fear of a boycott or political bullying”? Failing that, is it really too much to expect people to leave a comment?

Question 6 of 6

Given the current financial climate, do you believe that cutting the UK’s carbon emissions should still be a government priority?

Yes, absolutely
Not if it harms the economy
No, not at all

And now we come, finally, to the chance to give a real opinion. Given Guido Fawke’s raising the profile of the survey, perhaps these results (correct at the time of writing) should not come as a shock.

Thank you for your vote.

17% Yes, absolutely

18% Not if it harms the economy

63% No, not at all

Of course, given the dishonesty of the survey’s design, I’m afraid I expect the results of only selected questions to be released, such as Q2 about which sector should “bear the brunt” of the carbon emissions reduction. I hope I’m wrong.

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