“A family blog”? Some blog…some family!

[Cross-posted from here at the Libertarian Alliance blog]

I don’t read this blog, because I find it an embarrassment. I don’t write for it as much as I’d like either for the same reason.

The header only carries pictures of dead people, most of whom weren’t Libertarians.

Most of the writing on this blog would be great, if trying to talk down at teenagers badly was a good idea.

The skimpy ladies are idiotic (get a life, failing that, go to Zoo, Nuts or FHM). It reminds me of the 1980s overgrown adolescents’ game of counting female nipples in copies of Sunday Sport.

And this prose: OMG!

This fairly pleasant-looking young woman seems to have brought several hundred hits to the bolg, merely by tamely repeating “I’m saving the planet” mantras on Sky news. Astounding really, since we are just a think-tank, and we don’t even agree with her with the people who have told her what to say.

And, she’s even from Bromley. Just down the road really. Marilyn Monroe, you are nowhere, stop hanging out with the corrupt, grasping, self-centred Kennedys, and get a life.

As this is a family blog, read by women and children too, ladies don’t take off their bras in front of people they don’t know:-

Apart from the insane reference to Marilyn Monroe, the bit that gets me is the claim that “this is a family blog”. What kind of family? You would have had to beat me near death to read anything as bad as this blog when I was child. How many women read this blog?

Using Tags like this: Tagged: , , , , may get some people who search for these words on Google to accidentally land on the LA blog. But this is no more than Spam. I’d be annoyed, not happy, to search for “bra” and “girls” to find myself pointed to some of the rubbish on this blog.

I could excuse this, if there was anything of immediate relevance to Libertarian Alliance supporters. (What has the Battle of Agincourt got to do with Libertarianism? Discuss in no more than 300 words.)

What people who are unable to attend the LA Conference this weekend might like is live-blogging [here’s a demonstration from the U.S. vice presidential debate recently] from the National Liberal Club. Instead we get Milton Friedman videos that, if I’m not mistaken, are nearly 20 years old.

Last year, I asked if we could have wi-fi at the next LA Conference so bloggers could report it live. Sadly, this was not done. I can’t be the only person unable to attend the Saturday events who would have liked to see something about the conference up by now. Does anyone wonder if the leftist Daily Kos would fail to ensure bloggers could cover their events? No, I didn’t think so.

If the National Liberal Club can’t accommodate wi-fi, the LA Conference should go elsewhere.

Was there any mention of the LA Conference on Facebook? MySpace? Google News? Guido Fawkes? Samizdata? No.

Was there any serious attempt at press coverage? Not even a press release in the run-up to the event.

Any broadcast media or live podcasts [Here’s a recent one by Patrick Crozier on the financial crisis]? No.

Any use of newer communications: Twitter? Qik? No.

Looking at the old conservative men peering down from the header on either side of Chris Tame, I see very little to inspire for the future.

4 Responses to ““A family blog”? Some blog…some family!”

  1. Libertarian Alliance conference celebration post 8: Milton Friedman on self-interest and the profit motive (1 of 2) « The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG Says:

    […] of tomorrow’s Zoo and Nuts readers will have seen it before. So it’s worth airing. The illuminati of the british Libertarian Movement are not the only people who need to have heard of this guy, and otherswill not be picky about the age of a video clip either. View […]

  2. Patrick Crozier Says:

    Indeed. And yet conference attendance was huge. Some of them were even younger than me. Some of them were women! Maybe, just maybe, DD is on to something.

  3. Mario Huet Says:

    You are of course correct. The LA was so negligent and technologically illiterate in promoting this conference that we were able only to attract 122 people, of whom 111 attended the dinner. These numbers are of course wholly unrelated to the fire regulations limit of 122 people.

    There was also an article by Sean Gabb in The Times the day before the conference; Sean also discussed the conference on Talksport Radio late on Saturday evening, and this was repeated at intervals throughout the night.

    I saw Sean using the Internet while in the David Lloyd George Room, when he announced the winner of the Chris R Tame memorial prize.

    Certainly none of us used the Internet promotion and broadcasting tools you mention. Sadly, all of us were very busy doing other things; and Sean is still looking very hard for the email in which you offered your services.

    Of course the conference was a catastrophe. The audience was so unhappy that it pressed, almost unsolicited, donations into the hands of the Financial Director, and completely unsolicited raised a tip of several hundred pounds for the Club staff; and it is only from a sense of politeness that the Internet is ringing with praises for what everyone seems to agree was the best libertarian conference London has seen since 1984.

    By the way, I haven’t seen a copy of TANSTAAFL Times since August 1999. Have they all gone missing in the post?

  4. Antoine Clarke Says:


    My criticism is directed at the LA blog, which is an embarrassment. My comments about the conference are about its promotion to the outside world, including those people unable to attend.

    Your point about the radio coverage is well noted, could we have a link?

    The LA Conference was a success for the many people who attended, and yes, the numbers and the quality of the speakers was probably not surpassed (I agree that the buzz suggests that only the 1984 Libertarian International at Royal Holloway College can have a claim to have been better).

    As for Dr Gabb. Well, I’ve sent him a lot of emails that he seems to have misplaced. He is a very busy man. If he can’t find any of the emails I’ve sent offering to help, then that’s a pity.

    Regarding TANSTAAFL Times, I believe you will find an announcement from December 2002 on Samizdata http://www.samizdata.net/blog/archives/2002/12/tanstaafl_times_rip.html . I’m sorry you didn’t see it. I put the announcement there because Samizdata was at the time the biggest forum I could place the announcement.

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