Capitalism DOES cause homophobia (in a way)

Over at The Volokh Conspiracy, a question about whether capitalism causes homophobia.

Here’s my reasoning, based on the stated views of the North Korean government.

1) North Korea doesn’t have homosexuality, it is a “bourgeois disease.”

2) Therefore, only degenerate capitalist societies have homosexuals.

3) Therefore, only people living in capitalist societies need be afraid or hostile to them.


Seems like a clear indictment of capitalism to me.
[Hat tip: Instapundit]

One Response to “Capitalism DOES cause homophobia (in a way)”

  1. Michael Jennings Says:

    In a pub in Tooting a few weeks ago I was subjected to homophobic abuse (of a kind quite familiar too me from my childhood, alas) by a couple of tiresome English yobs, the reasoning for which was apparently based on the fact that I was talking into a purple mobile phone. Yesterday, two lovely young continental women (one French, one Italian) who were part of a group with who I was spending the afternoon commented on how stylish and attractive the same phone was.

    From this, one can conclude all sorts of things about the English, the Australians, the French, the Italians, the Swedes, and the Japanese, I suspect (the phone is a Sony Ericsson). I am not quite so sure there is much to learn about capitalism, though.

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