Our bodies for the State

Remember the feminist call: Our bodies for ourselves?

The Socialists claimed that in a bourgeois male dominated society, women weren’t allowed to control their own reproduction.

I guess Gordon Brown thinks that, now he’s the UK Prime Minister, he has to demonstrate his male, bourgeois oppressiveness, by nationalizing our bodies.

This means that organs will be ripped out without consent, and usually thrown away because there is no way of storing them until a recipient is found.

It also creates an incentive for hospitals to “allow” patients to die. We don’t need this in the National Health Service.

As they used to sing at the end of Labour Party Conferences while holding hands:

“The working class can kiss my a***,
I’ve got the boss’s job at last!
You’re out of work,
You’re on the dole,
The working class can kiss my hole!”

One Response to “Our bodies for the State”

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