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I think there’s a market for this

February 7, 2007

The nearly always superb Lifehacker has a health round-up.

Given the delay (and lack of privacy if the government can just take your medical records, sell them to election fund donors legitimate commercial interests, corrupt or lose them) of visits to the doctor’s surgery, is it surprising that there is a demand for this?

Dumb and dumber

February 7, 2007

…or the futility of appeasement.

Google and Viacom seem to be competing for the title of worst business strategists of 2007, if this report on Techdirt is anything to go by.

The evidence is mounting that having YouTube clips increases audience enthusiasm (you know that funny concept that life isn’t always a zero-sum game). Google’s decision (it owns YouTube) to “license” is nothing more than an invitation to sue by boneheaded media corporate marketing departments. As for Viacom, it seems like “treat all your customers like criminals,” which funnily enough, doesn’t seem to have made it into the top business success book titles.