Bird flu in France?

On the day that Michael Fumento reports that avian flu is an exagerrated threat, comes news that 8,000 chickens have suddenly died in central France. The cause of death has not been published as yet but some strain of bird flu seems likely.
If it is H5N1, then it’s worth noting that the death rate among humans is currently about 60%. The good news is that fewer than five people have caught it from other people.
So for Michael Fumento this may not be a big deal on the western shores of the Atlantic. But over here…
I’ve started a bird flu blog called Outbreak H5N1, you will also see news updates on the My headlines features on the sidebar.
Among the weird consequences of a bird flu outbreak in an advanced economy are likely to be a collapse in the organic poultry and egg markets, which should benefit factory-farmed “guaranteed no contact with the outdoors” battery hens and their eggs.
The government may even force the organic farmers to vaccinate their birds, in which case are they organic any more?

5 Responses to “Bird flu in France?”

  1. Jackie Danicki » Bird flu blog Says:

    […] Antoine also passes on evidence that Michael Fumento is an ignorant tool, but then we already knew that. Posted by Jackie Danicki | […]

  2. Antoine Clarke Says:

    I am not claiming that Michael Fumento is “an ignorant tool.”

    The risk of avian flu H5N1 mutating into something that spreads from person to person like the common cold is something I’m not qualified to discuss, but it has happened at least once before.

    What is not a matter of conjecture is that the disease is highly toxic to humans. Considering the shambles of the U.K.’s attempts to give a known high-risk population prophylatic treatment against seasonal flu, I assume that in an emergency many people will die. Needlessly.

  3. Jackie Danicki Says:

    No, you’re not claiming that, and I didn’t say you were. Re-read my post. 🙂

  4. Caius Bonus Says:

    … Only we learn today that those chicken simply died of asphyxiation.

    And you take that Fumento person to task because he says that “avian flu is an exagerrated threat” ? Interesting.

  5. antoineclarke Says:

    My post mentioned Michael Fumento. I considered the report in France a coincidence, not a sign that Mr Fumento is an idiot or anything else (I have no opinion on the matter as I am largely unfamiliar with his work or ersonality).
    To anyone who wants to find confirmation of Mr Fumento’s shortcomings in the chicken death report, or validation of his pooh-poohing of the avian influenza threat: that’s not what my posting was about.
    Avian flu is not an exagerated threat. Where people catch it, they will most likely die. A similar virus has mutated into a human to human transmissible form as recently as the late 1960s.
    Where there is a reasonable debate and where Mr Fumento could have a point, is whether western governments have the effective ability to detect the problem and act on it quickly and efficiently.
    The evidence of hurricane Katrina in the U.S.A. and of seasonal flu vaccination in the U.K. make me somewhat pessimistic about relying on the government.
    My decision to monitor the bird flu situation is because I don’t trust government to do it for me and I’d prefer to have the opportunity to take counter-measures if necessary.
    Anyone doesn’t like that can spend their time as they see fit. After all, a survival rate of about 40% isn’t bad for a highly contagious virulent disease.

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